At the Event Profit Secrets Workshop…

We will dive deep into these four secrets so that your next event will generate more sales than most small businesses make in a year.

Here’s why: we’ve all run events before, and I’m sure you’ve NAILED the actual event part – your participants left excited, engaged, and super happy with the time they spent with you.

But you were less happy. And usually that’s for one of three reasons:


You had fewer attendees than you wanted


You got plenty of registrations but too many no-shows


You didn’t get the back-end sales you wanted

If that’s you, don’t worry. There’s a TON of advice out there about how to run successful events – but way less advice about how to run PROFITABLE events. That will be our focus during the three hours we spend together at the Event Profit Secrets workshop.

Live March 14, 2023
11:00 am PST • 12:00 pm MST • 2:00 pm EST
3-hour Virtual Workshop

You’re probably wondering what you’ll learn during the 3 hours we’ll spend together at Event Profit Secrets.

This virtual workshop is designed to teach you everything you need to know to run a one or three-day live event, which is guaranteed to help you sell more in a weekend than you did last year.

And unlike most webinars, here’s a preview of these four secrets – follow along and see how your most recent event compares.

An Offer that Converts

The first and most important part of a highly profitable event is your offer during the event. You have to have something valuable to the people attending the event, a track record of selling it, and a high enough price tag to make the event worthwhile. At Event Profit Secrets, we will give you some examples of offers that worked, explain why they worked, and explain how you can tweak your existing offers to make them massively more sellable.

A Structure that Sells

There is a specific way to structure a one- or three-day event to generate massive sales. Every hour you spend with your attendees needs to be planned so you’re doing the right thing at the right time. At Event Profit Secrets, you’ll learn when to make your offer, when to schedule breaks, and some easy mistakes you can eliminate from your current event structure to make it massively more profitable.

A Participant Map for Filling Your Event with Buyers

Holding the event is only half the battle. The first half of that battle is getting people into the event – the right people. During our time together at Event Profit Secrets, we’ll explain why you must create a Participant Map. It’s a battle plan that will give you exact figures of how many attendees you want and from where (joint venture partners, cold traffic funnels, your email list, and so on).

Digital Marketing that Converts Attention into Registrants

Once you’ve built your participant map and decided how you want to fill your event, you’ll need to create the webinars, lead magnets, and ads to do it. The final segment of Event Profit Secrets will show you the best practices for creating funnels to fill your event. And these best practices can also be applied to any marketing campaigns you want to run, even if they aren’t related to events.

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Live March 14, 2023
11:00 am PST • 12:00 pm MST • 2:00 pm EST
3-hour Virtual Workshop

Now, you may have one, two, or even three of these elements “working.” But you need ALL 4 in the correct combination for your specific community, capabilities and promise.

By attending this workshop you will know with perfect clarity what your strengths and weaknesses are in each area and how you must combine and apply them for you to win!

The Event Profit Secrets workshop is a live event where Jay Fiset and Alexander Ford will go through each of the four secrets.

There will be case studies, guest testimonials, and a Q&A with the hosts. You will walk away confidently knowing how to use these secrets to make your next event the most profitable one you’ve ever held.

Here’s a small sample of what happens when you put these secrets into practice.



Tammy Lane

Martin Latulippe
Jane Powers



JAY FISET is a serial entrepreneur and founder of several seven-figure brands, including Mastermind to Millions, and JVology. In both of those businesses, and in the businesses of clients he works with, events have been the bread and butter of the sales cycle. Jay’s record for a single weekend’s sales is over 1 million dollars!


ALEXANDER FORD is the co-founder of Measurable Genius, a seven-figure services agency that works with clients worldwide. An unparalleled problem-solver, he is just as at home discussing the inner workings of business as he is studying human behaviour. Measurable Genius’ combination of marketing know-how and a one-of-a-kind virtual events broadcast studio represents a one-stop shop for any entrepreneur looking to build and fill a virtual event.

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Live March 14, 2023
11:00 am PST • 12:00 pm MST • 2:00 pm EST
3-hour Virtual Workshop