The 2024 Intermediate Hawaii Experiment

An exclusive 5-day medicine mastermind in paradise

August 19 to 23, 2024 on the Big Island

Unlock Your Full Potential: Transform Your Business and Life with a Mastermind Experience Like No Other

Are you a successful business owner feeling constrained by unseen barriers, longing for a breakthrough? Join us at our exclusive mastermind retreat, where you will not only connect with high-caliber peers but also explore the transformative power of psychedelic medicine.

This unique experience is designed to shift you from defense to offense, helping you optimize your life for fulfillment and growth. Break free from limiting beliefs, uncover new possibilities, and step into a room where you’re not the smartest person, but the one poised for unparalleled transformation.

Embrace the journey to becoming the visionary leader you are meant to be.

Your Mastermind Experience Includes...

A Journey Designed for You

Three distinct experiences curated to provide a mystical and transformative result. Dissolve challenges, cultivate your inner healer, and create your most compelling vision yet.

Food Prepared by a Private Chef

All meals are catered by a private chef, snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included.

Five Days and Four Nights Accomodation

When you select the on-location sleeping option, your experience includes five days and four nights in a shared room.

Private Excursions

Enjoy two group excursions carefully selected to support and enhance the mastermind experience, support your integration, and soften re-entry.

A Gentle Agenda

We've built tons of white space into the agenda for processing, alone time, one-on-one conversations, exercise, and of course, attending to business while you're away.

No Content Sessions

If what you discover or decide requires investments into education, you'll have lots of opportunity to do that after the event. Our focus is on the people and the experience.

Peers and New Friends

Make new friends with peers who are facing similar challenges and who have achieved similar or better results. You won't be the smartest person in the room.

A Safe Space to Experiment

This is your opportunity to express what you want. You can change your mind tomorrow. We reserve the right to be different. So take this chance to experiment.

This Mastermind is for the Growers and the Showers

You Should Attend If…

You're Committed to Your Growth

You wake up every day with a burning desire to create something unique.

You Have Some Experience with Psychadelics

This isn’t your first rodeo. You don’t need to be an expert or consider yourself a “shaman,” but you’ve dipped your toes in the water, and you’re interested in more.

You've Decided to Believe in Magic

Einstein says the most important decision one can make is that either everything is magic or nothing is. You’ve chosen the former.

You Consider Yourself the Investment

Your capability to put what you discover, learn, and decide into action to produce at least 10X the investment you’re likely to make in the mastermind.

You Shouldn’t Attend If…

Your Idea of Growth Means Getting Out of Your Business

We’ve got nothing against exits, but if your idea of success is rooted in escaping from the thing you’re working on, this probably isn’t for you.

You've Never Done a Psychadelic

You’re curious but you’ve never experienced a psychedelic journey before. If this is you, book a discovery call and consider one of our introductory Blast-off Mastermind experiences first.

The Solution is "Out There" Somewhere

If you think you’re going to find fulfillment in making more money, cracking the code to Facebook Ads, or hiring the right people, you won’t find those answers here.

This Sounds Expensive

It is. If you’re worried about what it costs you probably shouldn’t come.

The Venue

Welcome to the Kailua Kona Estate, a stunning architectural wonder overlooking Kailua-Kona, designed to deliver a rejuvenating island experience. This 9,452 sqft private mansion on five manicured acres offers unparalleled luxury just five minutes from downtown Kona. Imagine yourself unwinding in the 100′ infinity edge pool, seamlessly blending with the ocean horizon as the sun sets in vibrant hues. The estate’s great room is the heart of the home, where connections are forged over wine at the wet bar or gourmet meals in the kitchen. Cap off your day in the plush, 16-seat movie room, a perfect retreat after sun-soaked adventures. At Kailua Kona Estate, every detail is curated for luxury and comfort, promising an unforgettable experience that is more than just a stay—it’s a landmark in your journey.

Location & Logistics


The Airbnb is located at 5785 Pikake Place Kailua Kona, HI 96740.


Fly into the Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport (KOA). Uber rides from the airport to Airbnb take approximately 20 minutes.

Nearby Hotels

If you’re interested in staying off-site for your mastermind experience, many hotels are within a 10-minute drive and priced at less than $250 USD per night.


You can expect temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celcius (76 to 86 Fahrenheit).

Photos of the Airbnb


Your Facilitators

Jay Fiset

Jay Fiset is a serial entrepreneur and founder of several seven-figure brands, including Mastermind to Millions and JVology. He is a certified psychedelic guide and co-creator of the Foundations Pyschadelic Guide Certification Program with his wife, Cory. Together, they have facilitated over 50 personal and couples journeys and run group psychedelic medicine experiences for over 250 participants. His extensive expertise in facilitating masterminds and training thousands of people to build their own makes him the perfect facilitator for your mastermind experience.

Alexander Ford

Alexander Ford is the CEO of Measurable Genius, a marketing agency that works with coaches, consultants, service providers, and entrepreneurs worldwide. An unparalleled problem-solver, he is just as at home discussing business strategy and operations as the mysteries of human behaviour. As an experienced psychedelic user, master facilitator, and gifted entrepreneur, Alexander brings unique insights to his work, making him the ideal guide for medicine journeys and business masterminds.

Book Your Discovery Call

Booking this call doesn’t mean you’re committing to becoming a person who “does psychedelics.” It’s a no-obligation opportunity to explore the possibility that this mastermind might be the next right thing for you. No matter what you discover, we’ll still love you. If you’re curious and your intuition is calling you to find out more, book your call now to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this called an experiment?

Outcomes in life are not guaranteed. The context of Leverage Mastermind events is that by playing out an experiment we have the opportunity to learn and grow without the "danger" of commitment or obligation to an outcome. Come with an open mind.

Why is this called an "intermediate" experiment?

This experiment will include multiple journies and include medicine which is best suited for those individuals with some prior experience.

Do I have to participate in all of the medicine journeys?

No. You are not required to take part in any or all of the medicine journeys, although if you choose not to participate, you may be asked to keep to yourself to protect the container for those who do.

Are private bedrooms for couples available on-site?

No. All accommodation is shared. If you'd like private accommodation, register as an off-site attendee and arrange for your own hotel or Airbnb.

If I'm staying off-site, how do I get to the location?

It's your responsibility to travel to and from the venue. Uber is available on the island.

What if I want food that hasn't been provided?

All meals are included and the venue will be stocked with a variety of snacks, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You are free to purchase or order any additional food and drink that you may like.